1978 Champagne Edition II - USA

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158 2033 080 - 158 2057 289
Champagne 2 front

Above picture features Dealer optional bumper over-riders and Cyclone period accessory wheels replacing the original Lemmertz GT Sports.

Champagne 2 from brochure
Champagne 2 Anacona Metallic
Champagne 2 brochure cover
Champagne 2 ad

Due to the overwhelming success of the 1977 Champagne Editions sales campaign VWoA promoted a new range including the Rabbit, Scirocco, Dasher and Bus for 1978. The Beetle Convertible featured Ancona Metallic (blue, L97B) or very rare Peach Red Metallic (LE3Y) paintwork. Lemmertz GT Sports wheels, Ermine upholstery, Blaupunkt AM/FM radio, quartz clock, faux rosewood dash trim. Approximately 1100 produced - two per US Dealer.

Information courtesy The Kafer Cabriolet Register and Arto Tolonen